Payment Plans & Financial Aid Verification Form

**Please make payments on our ENROLLED STUDENTS page**

Methods of Payment
Please make checks to STUDY PROGRAMS INTERNATIONAL. Starting in the Fall 2011, you will also be able to pay by check online.

Credit Card
We accept VISA, MasterCard, and Discover ONLY. We do not accept American Express. We charge a 3% convenience fee for paying with credit card. This fee does not apply to the deposit payment. You may pay with your credit card ONLINE – click on the Apply or Enrolled Students page to make online payments.
Payment Plans
OPTION 1: Full Payment by Deadline - No Fee
This is for students who will be paying the final amount by the deadline. You can make periodic monthly payments, or simply make one final payment. We are able to charge a portion on your credit card, break up credit card payments, or take a partial check and partial credit card payment. Please use the online payment form on the ENROLLED STUDENTS page for credit card and check payments.

OPTION 2: Extension Payment Plan - $150 Fee
This is for students who will need an extension to pay their program up to 40 days prior to the program start date. You can select to make monthly payments, you can select to defer your final payment, or you can create a custom payment plan to fit your financial needs. Please contact us via email and tell us what type of payment plan you need.

OPTION 3: Financial Aid Payment Plan - $150 Fee
This plan is only for students using financial aid that will NOT be able to make the full payment by the deadline. If you are using financial aid and will be able to pay in full by the deadline this does not apply. You must list this payment plan on your application or via email after acceptance if you will be using this extension plan. We must receive the Financial Aid Award Verification Document found on the next page in order for us approve your financial aid and to know when we will receive your payments.
Financial Aid Form
If the amount of financial aid you will receive is less than the program fee, the remainder must be paid by the payment deadline along with the $150 fee. You must also send us a check clearly marked with “HOLD for Financial Aid” in the amount of aid you will receive, which will be cashed one week after the disbursal date on your Financial Aid Award Verification Document.


Student Information

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Financial Aid Office Information

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Financial Aid Award Verification

Financial Aid
Date Funds Will Be Issued:
Funds Will Be Issued To: Student Spain Study Abroad

Date Funds Will Be Issued:
Funds Will Be Issued To: Student Spain Study Abroad

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The remainder of the program fees will be paid for by the student directly to Spain Study Abroad by the due dates agreed upon as listed on the website and in the application contract.